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Joe Daniels, former America250 CEO, is a recognized leader in the non-profit world. With over two decades of experience, Joseph Daniels has achieved success in national, state, and local programs, major fundraising, team building, and fostering positive relationships with diverse stakeholders. From leading the National September 11 Memorial and Museum to spearheading the National Medal of Honor Museum, Joe's visionary leadership has left a lasting impact. 


America250 Foundation

President & CEO

Inclusive Leadership

Led the United States’ Semiquincentennial effort (250th birthday - culminating July 4, 2026) by creating  the initial program and plans for the most inclusive commemoration in America’s history 

Cultural Revitalization

Revitalized team through DEI focus, attracting top talent, fostering unity, and harnessing the power of diversity.

Mission Expansion

Defined the mission, vision and values of the effort and increased the number of pipeline programs  from 25 to 400; oversaw the formation and management of 30 state “250” commissions, more than 20  Federal Agencies, 14 subject matter Advisory Councils 

Strategic Formation

Built and envisioned the plans for the Development, Communications and External Affairs  departments from ground up 

  “When Joe Daniels was hired, Ground Zero was a hole in the ground and the  memorial and museum were plans on the drawing board. Thanks in no small  measure to Joe’s outstanding leadership, we now have a magnificent tribute to all  those who lost their lives and gave their service on 9/11.” 

- Michael Bloomberg

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